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Lays Max Chilli S Chips 56g
Lays Max Chilli S Chips 56g
Lays Max Chilli S Chips 56g

Lays Max Chilli S Chips 56g


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Experience the bold and intense flavors of Lay's Maxx Chilli Chips in a 56g pack. A fiery and satisfying snack for those craving a hearty burst of spiciness.


for 101 Qty (₹28.00 / piece)


  • Intense Chilli Infusion: Lay's Maxx Chilli Chips in a 56g pack bring an intense infusion of chili flavor, providing a bold and satisfying snacking experience.
  • Generous 56g Size: Enjoy a generous serving of fiery delight with the 56g pack, perfect for those who appreciate an abundance of spicy goodness.
  • Bold and Spicy Kick: Indulge in the bold and spicy kick that defines Lay's Maxx Chilli Chips, catering to the taste buds of spice enthusiasts.
  • Perfect for Spice Lovers: Crafted for spice lovers, these chips offer a satisfying crunch with every bite, ensuring a delightful and flavorful snacking session.
  • Versatile Snacking: Whether it's a solo snacking moment or a gathering with friends, Lay's Maxx Chilli Chips in the 56g size fit seamlessly into any snacking occasion.
  • Satisfyingly Spicy: Experience a satisfyingly spicy adventure with every chip, showcasing the perfect balance of heat and flavor in each bite.
  • On-the-Go Pleasure: The 56g pack is designed for on-the-go pleasure, making it convenient to carry and enjoy the robust taste of Maxx Chilli Chips anywhere.
  • Hearty Burst of Flavor: Treat yourself to a hearty burst of flavor as you delve into Lay's Maxx Chilli Chips, delivering a fiery and bold snacking sensation.
  • Ideal for Flavorful Moments: Make your moments flavorful with Lay's Maxx Chilli Chips, where each chip is a celebration of spice, crunch, and intense satisfaction.

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