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Kent Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
Kent Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
Kent Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
Kent Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Kent Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher




It Reduces The Oxygen Reduction Potential (Orp) And Makes Antioxidant Alkaline Water That Tastes Fresh And Clean.


for 51 Qty (₹1,805.00 / piece)


  • Brand: KENT
  • Model: 11054
  • Balances pH Levels
  • Reduction inOxygen Reduction Potential
  • 3.5 Liters Filtration Pitcher
  • Non Electric and Non Chemical
  • Smart Design
  • Sediment Carbon Alkaline Media
  • Storage3.5L
    Water purifiers are important for ensuring the safety and purity of the water we drink. Impurities and contaminants in water can cause a range of health problems, including gastrointestinal illness, infections, and other diseases. By removing these contaminants, water purifiers can help prevent these problems and ensure that the water we drink is safe and clean.

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