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ROI of Employee Recognition: The Link Between Corporate Gifting and Employee Engagement


Employee engagement is crucial for organizational success in today's competitive business landscape. Disengaged employees lead to reduced productivity and higher attrition rates. A recent Gallup poll showed that only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. This is alarming and calls for companies to take concrete steps to boost engagement levels. One effective method is strategic employee recognition through corporate gifting. This article analyzes the return on investment (ROI) of corporate gifts and how custom products from Ant Mascot help reinforce employee engagement.

The ROI of Employee Recognition

Employee recognition not only boosts morale but also directly impacts the bottom line. Research by Bersin by Deloitte found organizations with strategic recognition programs have 31% lower voluntary turnover rates. Recruiting and retraining new staff is a huge avoidable cost. Replacement costs can be up to twice an employee's salary. Employee recognition also fosters higher productivity. The increased goodwill makes employees go the extra mile, take on additional responsibilities and become brand ambassadors. This drives growth and profitability. Studies show employees who feel valued deliver better customer experiences leading to repeat business and referrals. The returns significantly outweigh the investment in the recognition program.

Linking Corporate Gifts to Engagement

Corporate gifts are a powerful tool to make employees feel truly valued. Thoughtful gifts demonstrate the organization cares for more than just work output. 93% of companies that implemented employee gift programs reported an increase in happiness. The gifts act as a tangible representation of employees' worth and contribution. Instead of just focusing on compensation and benefits, gifts add a personal human touch. They convey that management acknowledges efforts and applauds victories, both big and small. Whether for special occasions, achievements, or just random acts of kindness, personalized gifts boost engagement. Employees remember the recognition long after the moment has passed.

Ant Mascot - Expert in Branded Merchandise

Ant Mascot specializes in creating customized corporate gifts for clients across India. Founded in 2012, it brings rich expertise in branded merchandise design and manufacturing. Ant Mascot's proficiency lies in combining great products with clients' brand messaging to craft impactful corporate gifts. State-of-the-art machinery and thorough quality control ensure high-quality gifting solutions. The product range includes mugs, bags, stationery, glassware, electronics and much more that can be tailored as memorable gifts. Bulk gifting needs are also easily managed for companies with large workforces.

 Customization Options for Thoughtful Gifts 

Thoughtfully designed gifts leave a greater impression than generic off-the-shelf products. Ant Mascot offers various customization options so clients can make gifts special for employees.

 Branding - Client logos, brand colors and names can be incorporated to align gifts to corporate identity. This gives employees a sense of belonging.

 Personalization - Adding employee names and messages makes gifts more meaningful. Personalized products are appreciated as one-of-a-kind.

 Variety - There are limitless products suited as corporate gifts. Choosing appropriate options like eco-friendly bags, fitness trackers, fragrances etc. shows an understanding of employees' preferences.

 Utility - Practical and useful gifts are best appreciated. Office accessories, wireless chargers, home appliances etc. deliver value beyond the gesture.

 Sentiment - Gifts given on occasions like birthdays, work anniversaries and festivals can express congratulations, appreciation and well wishes tangibly.

 Case Study: Ant Mascot's Effectiveness in Boosting Engagement

 India's leading fintech platform CashKount selected Ant Mascot to produce corporate gifts for its employees. Cashkount wanted memorable and cost-effective products as part of its employee recognition program. After consultation, Ant Mascot provided:

 - Leatherette diaries with personalization

- Calendars and planners with Cashkount branding

- Eco-friendly bags with employee names

- Mugs printed with motivational messages

 The customized high-utility gifts were given out during the holiday season. Cashkount reported exceptional feedback from employees. The gifts acted as a mood and morale booster leading to a measurable spike in engagement. The positive environment translated to higher productivity. CashKount continues to partner with Ant Mascot for gifting needs seeing the immense value derived in terms of ROI. 


In an era where employee engagement determines an organization's success, poor engagement levels are worrying. However, instituting strategic employee recognition programs can significantly enhance satisfaction and productivity. Corporate gifting is a proven way to make employees feel valued through personalization and sentiment. Partnering with merchandising experts like Ant Mascot allows for creating branded and customized gifts that align with companies' objectives. With its expertise in corporate gifting, extensive customization capabilities and diverse catalogue, Ant Mascot is the ideal gifting solutions provider for Indian enterprises seeking to boost ROI by increasing employee engagement.

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